Thursday, August 15, 2013


Several of us pray for God to show up in the media.  I have for maybe four years.  And, He is.  News reports, talk shows, and internet are increasingly afloat with stories of God and His wonder.

One of the more profound elements to arise is the phenomena of Duck Dynasty.  The Robertson's are taking America hostage by their captivating humor, warmth, and appearance of truly being happy, happy, happy.

They not only appear on their own show, but a wide range of other network programs.  I have admired this family for twenty-five years, plus.  Devotion in faith coupled with intentional outreach is a part of this family's DNA.

I can't imagine what it must be like to be them.  Due to crowds of crowds, they have trouble moving about in any sort of normalcy.  Me?  I walked in and out of my local cafe this morning and no one wanted my autograph...even after I offered.  Pictures anyone?  They must not have heard me.

Last night was Alan's debut.  It was a great story-line as he was the elder son/pastor who married his already married parents on their anniversary.  From Phil and Kay, Uncle Si, Willie, Jase, Jep, and now Alan, and their beautiful wives and kids, the Louisiana cast appears on television they way they are in real life; a tight-knit family with bursting personality.

There is definitely a Duck Dynasty contagion sweeping the streets and county roads of America.  I would urge you to join me throughout the days ahead to pray in thanksgiving for God to hold them together.  The responsibility of constantly being in front of microphones as guests on one media link after another surely carries a new sort of pressure.

We must be in serious prayer for this family and their labor for Kingdom matters.  It is all fun for us to watch, but they need us to participate in the seriousness of behind-the-scenes prayerful support that together we can reach millions for Jesus....that IS the reality show.

And, Alan, congrats on your debut!

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