Wednesday, June 26, 2013



This note is not to brow-beat.  Neither is it to bash.  Rather, it is a genuine effort to awaken to the wonder about us....all around us!


I feel certain I (we) move about in our daily grinds drugged by....our daily grinds.  For any who hang out with me would know, I love right now.  Right now was seldom present for me for years; decades.  But the wow of now is accentilistic in nature.

That we have eyes to see and ears to hear is the utmost skill millions will never possess.  To make payments on car, home, and credit card is a joy billions will not ever experience.  To get out of the hot car and walk across the hot parking lot to buy expensive groceries is a habit trillions of prisoners will not experience for months; even years.

And we get out of sorts?

Insightful author Eugene Peterson calls our attention to awaken.  This creation is so complex, so intricate, so profuse with life and form and color and scent!  And I walk through it deaf and dumb and blind, groping my way, stupidly absorbed in putting one foot in front of the other, seeing a mere fraction of what is there.

Yesterday I had a dull heart.  I posted such.  As soon as I did, an incoming phone call completely off of my radar made things much worse.  It rocked my day.  To help the wounded I cannot discuss with elders or staff; for a bit anyway.  Suffice it to say, the loneliness became noticeably noisy.

So God seemed to have abandoned me with sorrow.  Once again I was found to be inept, weak, and without wisdomic words for the injured.  These kind of moments distract from the walk with life and form and color and scent! 

Particulars to yesterday's incident(s) have not improved.  My vision for God has because He has that knack of leaving us on the cross awhile only to perform His three-millionth move to bring us resurrection from graves of "can't fix things" frustration.

He lives!  Because he lives, we live!  Because He lives and we live, the wounded we wish to assist will also live!

When we are dull....tell Him thank you.

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