Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Serving the Creator from the sandals of the Created is no easy task.  It is the utmost challenge.

I live a paradoxical life.  On one hand I can't believe what I get to do.  On the other, I have moments where I can barely keep going.  Discouragement's pull would be categorized as....shall we say....MONSTROUS!

I so enjoy the flow of Holy Spirit fire.  I wish to crawl into a cave when I feel more like a dumb fizzle.

What shall we do?

Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

We are no longer our own.  Jesus is our walk as well as our talk.  He is our existence.  We have been buried in him. 

What creates the gap; on top of the world from crawling in frustration?  If we can nail this question, we will have refuge from life's depressing tornadoes. 

(I'm going to insert just how wonderfully weird our walk is.  As I'm writing this post I began very down in my spirit.  I pondered whether to say so and then decided of course, the readers would understand for they, too, are just like me.  But I didn't quite know where this was going.  At the last sentence above, my phone rang.  The voice on the other end was telling me about a situation where I may be needed to help a high profile individual.  I hung up saying to myself, God how to you do that?)

So here is the nail to the question; because we live in Christ we must wait for him to do the work.  This is nearly a mockery to the flesh-driven personality.  God, through the Spirit, opens doors and closes others.  My exhilaration is when He opens them.  My frustration is when none open and I impatiently knock harder.

How do we maintain a holy fire when some days feel more like an unholy fizzle? 

Believe God works...and then wait on Him.

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