Wednesday, June 05, 2013


King David stated in a moment of honest reflection, For I know my transgressions.  And my sin is ever before me.

Is David King or not?  Yes.  Is David deeply sinful or not?  Yes he is.

This sin/saved walk is always ticklish.  The one who prayed thanking God he wasn't sinful went home unjustified, according to the story of the two men praying in the Temple.  The deeply grieved one who agreed with what he overheard his critic point out to God about himself could not look up.  He was so ashamed.

This one, the Word says, went home justified; rather than the other.  The YES of sin is not pride that we are guilty; but rather admissive of our fault and blameworthiness. 

So it is as we have the privilege of serving God day by day.  When we raise our heads high with no remorse or awareness of personal crud, we are a pain in the Temple.  However, when we walk the streets of brick and mortar always aware that we are more sinful than any other, blessings and partnership of God seem unexplainably near.

Our sin serves as a prod for each to live in gratitude toward God with no irritation and disgust toward others.  We praise Jesus in desperation of gratitude for cleansing us day by day.  Effective leadership in the church is ultimately affected by one's immediate recall of His abundant grace toward us who believe.

That, my friend, is a very powerful YES.

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