Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Nebulous is sometimes a dirty eight-letter word to the planner, organizer, and detail fanatic.  Yet, it is the go-for-it prod for the dreamer.  Too often what the former hungers for, the latter experiences.  Nebulosity is a Kingdom systems dynamic. 

Jesus has made it repeatedly clear that the church is bound tightly by the rule-makers and the rule-keepers.  Why the rule popularity among us anyway?  It gives definition to one's boundaries and overall walk.  The Spirit doesn't abide by man's intuitive and imposing regulations.  He actually refuses for such is nowhere in the zone of His personality. 

Fluidity, variability, and flexibility are each Spirit markings.  Law, as to how things must go, is not.  This bugs the tar out of the rule-abider and thrills the romantic visionary.  It is the Holy Spirit that gives the YES charge to each believer.  He is the very one who breaks the restrictive barriers to impossibilities.

In the beginning of ministry I was like the snotty-nosed child peering through the store window just wishing I could possess some of the elaborate merchandise of the Kingdom; effectiveness, efficiency, and value.  I yearned in desperate measure to see things happen which could be regarded as authentic church success.

It seemed I had been unfortunately left out.

The good news for each of us is that there is thrilling breakthrough.  We must relinquish management control.  I first approached the work as a sales rep; so many calls would afford a percentage of sales.  But this is flesh-work.  It's vision is restricted.  Although my heart yearned for effectiveness, my spiritual eyes were blinded by cataracts in the hunt for things I could report that I had accomplished.

To leap into the flexation of the Spirit dynamic is to spring from the diving board of uncalculated risk.  We have not the power to coerce God.  Neither can we design personal productivity.  If we do the numbers will be low and anemic.  We must vault into the unexplainable, unforecastable procedures of planting and watering; trusting the very vagueness of God's How does He do that which will lavishly spring up into astounding and incalculable crops for harvest.

Our demise is we want to see things go the way we can see things going.  God has bigger ideas. 

I say the power of nebulosity jump in!

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