Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The devil has played a huge and sustaining joke upon many in the church.  He has effectively transferred his tactics so well that man is naive of Satan's actions assuming them to be self-concluded.  I speak of the one theme many in and out of the church give a smirk; giving.

Giving is one of those essentials of Kingdom breakthrough.  It isn't an imposition; but rather a tremendous surge of effectivity for the giver.  The giving away of what the flesh assumes is its primary power transfers one over to the invisible grace power of the Heavenly Ruler.

Giving is the solution for many in the church who are just getting by.  Of course, for those, giving would the be last thing they would want to consider.  See?  This is Satan's great joke.

I turn 66 next week.  Next month I begin to receive a small bit of Social Security.  I've saved a little here and there.  Recently I showed our church accountant the figure accumulated for retirement.  She couldn't help it; but her first reaction was a snicker.  I get it.  It isn't much.

Yet, I say this to any readers who try to sneak past the responsibility to give.  I do not want to yield in my giving in hopes to gather some sort of security.  He is my security.  While I don't wish to be irresponsible for my future; my future will be the exact same as my past; dependency upon Him.

How He will provide?  I assume the same way He has provided thus far; really well.

Giving is an art to the believer.  It is a joke to Satan.  We can't walk both lanes.  We will love the one and joke about the other.  We get to decide.

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