Monday, January 21, 2013


If we are ever to get an understanding of God's Kingdom, it will only be because we surrender all of our human ways, strengths, and means.  We must yield our calculational approach for the non-calculational.  Much reality is upside-down or inside-out or simply backward to the way one would assume.

The virgin birth is matched by the resurrection from the dead.  Neither are logical nor possible.  Both, however, are historical fact.

The church doesn't work the way I had figured.  By now, shouldn't I have a better grasp of this work; what goes, what won't?  So much remains illusive.

Enter God.

I am realizing that any time I gain an inch in understanding God, He then reveals another foot of Truth.  Thus, in our aging years we are thrust into younger material for God is God and we are not.

The GPS to kingdom life is humility; what we don't know, when we can't manage, where we can't advise, and why we shouldn't be fit for any of these will lead us to God's pathway to effective and fruitful labor.  I think they nearly force us to His pathway.

God's way are not ours.  They are higher, wider, mightier, and abundant.  Without His Spirit our works have a problem.  They are ours.

It will take brave faith to enter the land of God's work.  And I say we are fed up with much of ours; therefore, day by day we are more inclined to look for His.

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