Saturday, November 17, 2012


Orthodox without prayer....would be me in my first two decades of ministry.  Oh sure, I dabbled in prayer; especially in public.  But I didn't believe in it.  To me, prayer opened and closed church services and endorsed meals.  Very childish of me, I know.  Yet, when one is taught that God is done doing all the big stuff and doesn't operate directly in our walk anymore, it is tough to get up enough steam to pray.

Why should I bother?  Just because I should go through dead end and meaningless motions?

That mindset is precisely why I think the Church of Christ at large is bent on Church of Christ orthodoxy but cold on prayer. 

Though many would brand me as no longer caring for Truth, I've just written introductory paragraphs on it.  I've had to learn in the church to like and want to pray. 

What changed me?

When I learned to praise God and to walk in brokenness (my own and with others), I cannot help but spend time with Father in prayer.  It is a natural must.  When I wasn't devoted to praising God while being highly critical of all who weren't like me, there was huge struggle on my part to pray for I was the one trying to run the show.

Just so wrong.

For any who continue being critical of all who don't hold your orthodox views, yet do not pray, think.  Think a minute.  How can your view of right beliefs stand if you are so faithless that you don't pray?  How can that be?

Prayer is a vital part of our relationship with God.  Praise Him.  Tell Him what you like about Him.  Note your brokenness and that of others....and pray.  That would be a right thing to do.

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Don Snyder said...

It never ceases to amaze me how well your blogs depict my own spiritual life, and that of our "tribe" that I have observed and been a part of for almost 83 years. Your inspiration for me can't be fully expressed in words, "THANK YOU" doesn't seem to be adequate. May our Father grant you many more years to inspire and motivate us. God Bless & we love you.