Friday, November 16, 2012


So there are things in life you don't like and would rather not go through?  Well, me to. 

Get over it.

One of the traits God puts in His children is resilience. 

We will not quit. 

We will both injure and get injured; but we will not quit.

We will try and fail as well as try and succeed....but we will not quit.

We will like church when it's rolling and we will like it just as much when it seems stale. 

We will not quit.

We will hope.  We will hope when matters are whole and even when they are rotten....but we will not quit.

How?  Why?  We will not quit because the Holy God in Spirit form lives within that we might have the strength to move forward. 

Life isn't easy.  Of course it isn't.  This should be no surprise.  But we do it.  We hang in there.  We use all for His glory because life with Him is eternal...and we are most grateful that He did not give up.

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