Thursday, July 26, 2012


The Bible is wild with God-stories.
  • Waters parting
  • Angels climbing ladders
  • Withereds healed
  • Sun standing still
  • Rude interruptions being blessed
  • Rejects being accepted
  • Vague wording having deep meaning
  • A tower falling to divide
  • A king dying to unite
An inch and a half thick volume called God's Word displays the wonderful, the weird, and the wild.

Even in the book of Acts where we Restorationists want to formulatize the plan of salvation, God's will is consistently inconsistent on taking the direct and exact five steps we chart. 

Take a look at the gospels.  Note the surprises assuming one had never encountered them in reading before.  The apparent reject is welcomed and the assumed holy is slammed.  God is consistently inconsistent with how life will go.

You are free to conclude what you want at the pace you desire.  After nearly four decades of study, I am just now beginning to realize the Bible is wild with consistently inconsistent stories to get it into my thick head that God is fluid, flexible and.....God. 

John 3:8 is such a firm challenge to any like me who are so frail in understanding that once we grasp a part of a truth we want to control matters so that we can explain what God says, means, and does. 

Yet, it isn't my job to explain God. 

It is my job to believe Him. 

This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent..Jn. 6:29.

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