Wednesday, June 20, 2012


People are a funny sort aren't they?  Oh yeah....aren't we?

When we determine at some point in life to follow Jesus, it is a big decisive deal.  Well it should be.

We set out to make a difference.  Mountains need to move.  Waters should part.  Chipping away at death's grip is a must.

I marvel at me (and you, but won't point you out too blatantly).  We want to see the big stuff--the God arm of stuff--among us.  Miracles, we ponder, are those God moments we would love to encounter.  And, He can do it today, don't you think?

Whether the parting of the Red Sea or walking atop of another, we carry a card to be played a moment's whim which will heal hearts, cure family collapses, and rebuild relationships.  This miracle power will radically improve homes, businesses, and even entire cities.  It is available to every believer.

This power is called FORGIVENESS. 

Forgiveness is one part mercy, one part love, and one part will.  It is the culture-changing miracle that is needed from Hollywood to Hong Kong every day without exception.  Ironically, forgiveness is a present day miracle which goes unused and untapped because we believers are looking for the bigger, the better, and the more impressive.  We yearn for leaping of tall buildings and flying the skies with capes before we research our own closets for friends and relatives who would resurrect if only they could receive the gift of our forgiveness.

How tragic can life be if we live in the kingdom arguing for or against miracles when God handed every generation the biggest one?  May we experience a miracle surge among us.  May we heal and be healed of all injuries and sins. 

May we thrive upon the lavish new world the Cross created for each of us.

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