Sunday, April 22, 2012


It isn't difficult to look over a neighboring congregation to see what they need most.  Our critical eyes have a sense of what might be useful for others.  Judgment usually works that way.

Yet having spent a few years in ministry, I can say that I believe that which is needed most at the church where I get to serve (as well as all others) is simply the Son of God.

Jesus will forever be the one prominent need each of us crave.  More.  More of Jesus. 

What we need first and foremost isn't better giving or better attendance or better preaching or better organization.  It is the simplicity of believing the talent and loving the presence of Jesus that each church surely finds to be the greatest.

Jesus is the name above all names.  He isn't an honorary icon; but is the breath and the life of the kingdom operations.

Regardless of what your congregation wishes it had, a thorough inspection of being crazy over Jesus within the hearts of our members will always be a good place to begin evaluation.

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