Saturday, April 21, 2012


A special leader in the Christian world has died.  Charles Colson, in my estimation, was a tremendous example of God's call to man to start life over.

I met Mr. Colson on a couple of occasions.  We volleyed letters here and there.  I know of no other to speak with such mighty conviction and passion. 

The first time I heard him preach was at a COBE conference in California.  When he had completed an evening keynote, I stood in a long line to meet him.  I told him I stood in line to apologize to him for my judgmental misbehavior toward him for I had assumed he was a politician capitalizing on the Christian commodity.  

In essence he had done just that; but from a perspective I had not seen coming.  He was amazing.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. said it well; "For nearly four decades, Chuck Colson's life and example have been a constant and necessary reminder to those of us in and out of public office of the seductions of power and the rewards of service. His famous redemption story and tireless advocacy on behalf of the marginalized and the outcast have called all of us to a deeper reflection on our lives and priorities. He lives on as a modern model of redemption and a permanent rebuttal to the cynical claim that there are no second chances in life."

I learned a lot from studying this man serve.  I applaud Jesus for making a difference for this powerful man who was once humiliated and then transformed into a liberator of souls.

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Paul Straw said...

A while back I learned something that will stick with me for a long time. I was told that Chuck was convinced that the Bible was true because of Watergate.

I didn't know what to think about that until it was explained that those involved in Watergate swore to be silent forever about they did.

And once the heat was turned up they all turned on each other.

So when he found out what the Apostles endured for many said couldn't have happened. He believed that it was true because not a single one turned on any of the others. To say that it wasn't so.

That was enough for him to prove what Jesus did. I am very grateful for the work that Chuck has done for those behind/freed from from those bars.

God is able to use those that know that it is what Jesus did that propels us to do great things for Him.

I never got to meet Chuck in this life, but I look forward to when I get to where he is.