Monday, April 09, 2012


The workshop is over and I am into high gear for 2013. I have been working on it for six months and now it is priority time.

Talk to me...gently.

Tell me how you liked/disliked the Tulsa Workshop format of track classes this year?

Too many?

Not enough?

What are your thoughts on maybe not having a speaker in the Pavilion during the track classes?

Finally, are there any types of booths you wish were included at the workshop?


DarrelM said...

I had not been to the workshop in a number of years and while a lot of it was very familiar, I did like the idea of track classes. This format lets the speaker develop the topic in more depth and seems to be a good change. I would think a theme in a track class could be developed and explored in 3 hours max.

The "problem" at the workshop has always been that the Pavilion always gets the big name speakers and they pull folks from other less dynamic but sometimes more effective presentations.

Tim Archer said...

Having a number of "not-so-young" friends that attend the workshop, I know that it is easier for them just to camp out in the pavilion and hear whomever is speaking there. For good or bad, that's how it works for those with mobility issues.

I didn't get to attend the workshop, but liked the idea of the tracks and heard good things about them.

Anonymous said...

This is the first workshop I've missed since around 1979. My mother in law passed away and her funeral was at the time of the workshop. I was looking forward to the preaching tracts as well as the leadership tract. I think both are desperately needed in the brotherhood today and would hope to see them continue. I am in favor of not having a pavilion speaker during the class time because, like Darrell, I think they tend to draw people away from class.

Shane said...


I know this has been done in the past with keynote speakers and the like (perhaps it has been done more than I realize and am just unaware). But I think it would be wonderful to invite people to speak who are outside of the church of Christ denomination.

There has been much talk of the unity we have in Christ that stretches beyond our own walls, and I wholeheartedly affirm and applaud it. If we are going to be a people who are moving toward embracing that unity with the greater body of Christ, perhaps this would be a good time and place to put those words into action.

Anonymous said...

I usually attend various classes, but this year my choice of topics or speakers were those in the Pavillion. All were outstanding!

Should you decide to eliminate the speaker in the Pavillion during tracks, may I suggest a track for minters'/elders' wives.

Blessings as you plan and prepare for 2013!!!

Lynn D in NJ said...

This was the first time my husband and I attended or even heard of the workshop (we are not Church of Christ). One of the things I really liked about the workshop is how it didn't resonate as a denominational event. I felt it was open to anyone. I liked the tracts, it helped us to determine what would be the best use of our time. For us, also, none of the names of the speakers were familiar, so we didn't know who were 'big time', other than Terry :).
We are looking forward to returning next year!
Praise God for His working through the workshop.

Anonymous said...

Wholeheartedly applaud what Shane said.

The previous comment [from Anonymous] uses the world "Brotherhood".

I can only conclude that he/she defines that as "members of the churches of Christ".

Linda Dickerson

Jarrod Spencer said...

Terry ~

I shared this a bit with Jason and Shane, but will let you know as well.

I think the track classes are a nice idea. I agree that there are times when a 40-minute class may not be enough time to complete class topic. Adding another variable to the Pavilion classes are kids with young kids.

A young child cannot sit in the classrooms very well for long periods of time - so we enjoyed having the Pavilion to go to because they could move around more. The classrooms simply do not allow for that, from what I've experienced.

There is a daycare for the kids and we took advantage of that some, but I think farming off your kids for hours each day is not good for the kids.

As in with events like these, there is not a "right" answer that pleases everyone, as you've probably been able to tell over the years.

The Workshop is such a good thing!