Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Be encouraged. Be assured. God has movement ongoing upon earth. Know it.

Who in ministry doesn't feel the gigantic tug of swimming upstream in turbulent waters? Not one day do our efforts seem to have put us ahead. Rather, it seems our thrashing in the tumbling waters may have resulted in loss...after all of that expended energy.

Ministry takes the strangest of of hearts. On the one hand we must be as iron in determination while as putty in compassion. To reverse these two is to see one of our good guys/gals suffering in burn out.

Be encouraged. God is everywhere. He is in more places and in more people than we can imagine....He says....Eph. 3:20.

A stack of good books on my desk awaits my attention. Writers are coming at us at lightning speed with more awe in our God. Why is that? God is among our writers.

Invitations to quality and healthy leadership events form a calendar glut. Why is that? God is among our motivators.

Oh, and did I mention the criss-cross of blogs, other web sites, and computer programs that fill our hearts with hope and insight and training? Why is that? God is everywhere! He's everywhere!

If you find yourself broken down along the roadside of ministry. Just hang on a bit. Wait. God is not losing ground. We may feel we are. But that's a mirage of darkness. God is everywhere...and we can count on His presence to more than see us through.

Don't ever give up!

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