Friday, April 27, 2012


Radical seems sorta radical, don't you think?

Radical about sports, radical surgery, and promises of radical weight loss are only a smidgen of the possibilities. 

In ways, the term radical has taken a hit at the knees.  There was the Boston Movement.  Before that it was Crossroads.  Unknowingly, before that I was being drawn into the Churches of Christ.  Firm, unbending, valiant for the truth, radical commitment seemed to be the course.

However, due to narrow and squint-eyed added formulas to the rich Word of God, radical has become a term of suspicion if not malignant in nature.

Yet, isn't faith in the invisibles radical?  Don't we suffer as a people because radical assurance of His working hand wanes?  Have we possibly engaged in a global church sleepology that has left our general populace doped to the threat of radical Islam and its proponents? 

Have we assembled in church houses in rows for so long that entrance and exit is down pat and our big wish is to go to heaven when we die?

Radical is exemplary in Jesus; his love, his compassion, and his sacrifice.  We aren't necessary (well I'm not close) near the radicality of Jesus and his discipling work, but we are favorable to awakening and growing. 

May we be a people who are not found asleep at the switch while radical groups that oppose the life of Christ form strong alliance.  We must awaken to the need of faith development; not only in our children....but in ourselves.

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