Friday, April 27, 2012


Next week begins the beloved Pepperdine Lectures.

This one is especially significant as my friend Jerry Rushford retires from the directorship and passes the baton to Mike Cope.  Jerry will preach the ending keynote on Friday evening.  I have prayed for his presentation throughout since his announcement on closing night of last year.

I find one rather pressing matter and I fear that with all Jerry has to manage, he may have forgotten. 

I have been eagerly anticipating being awarded by Jerry and the Pepperdine crew an Honorary Doctorate!  I say, Why not?  Jerry is a master at honoring various works, ministries, and missions.  Why not me receive an Honorary Doctorate from Pepperdine?  I can just hear the cheering and applause!

I fear Jerry does not have the same vision as I.  Oh well, I will just be on the edge of my seat anyway.  If it doesn't happen Tuesday then maybe Wednesday....all the way through Friday night....I shall hope.

The pressure is you can tell!  If I am presented with even a facsimile award....I will do my best to smile, remain humble, and sign a few autographs immediately after the picture taking. 

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