Friday, October 21, 2011


From early childhood, boys and girls dress up; dreaming of becoming....becoming outstanding, the best, famous, unique, heralded, accomplished. Some of these eventually become real and outstanding stars. I wouldn't know what percentage but I would guestimate maybe 10?

This is one of my favorite kingdom thoughts because I always wanted to do big; not movie star big or President big....but meaningful and important.

God wonderfully changed the locks on this ambition. He is the One big and no one else. Yet, our dreams can be/are fulfilled in Him.


From Spirit perspective we reverse our mode of operation. We still dream of the major coming from us. The key is "coming from us" like in II Cor. 3:4 where we are never adequate but the Spirit is adequate within us.

The childish "to be big" views the world of opportunity from the wrong end of the telescope. Believers aren't called to have a vision for grand accomplishment but rather an insight on the value of seed. God's system moves us from the major to the smallest minor...seed.

We plant seed. We water seed. God causes the big. Never us. Yet, we are in on it from the ground floor and are satisfied beyond "personal stardom". We have confidence in seed life; placing a needed phone call, delivering a pie to a neighbor, greeting strangers with kindness, praying with no evidence of results except invisible faith, and reacting with grace to criticism.

The seed life lets all of us into the board room where we become major players. Where this has helped me mostly is in the area of envy and jealousy. I wanted to be among the big boys; whatever the big boy world was at the moment.

Today I am content; just a Paul mentioned in Philippians 4. I am content if it goes North or if it goes South. My retirement statement last quarter lost 20%. What should I do? Be content. Millions have no retirement account.

Sow seed. That's where the big stuff happens. Sow it for 15 and 45 years. God is faithful. Wonder results.

Wasn't it God who promised through Paul that He would do more than we could imagine or think? Then....let's get going!

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