Monday, September 26, 2011


First, thanks for the many responses to "Who's out there?". You encouraged my heart.

Recently Mary and I bought a new really old (1939) house. In applying for the loan the office lady was as expected; highly professional.

As in all situations (if it involves people, it involves kingdom possibility), I was in the loan office for two reasons. I wanted Jennifer's assistance in obtaining a loan. And, I watched during each meeting for God places. Every reaction to requests and questions were geared toward the latter.

At the closing, she sat to our left as the Abstract Company had us sign multiple pages. As I was signing or initialing, I looked over at Jennifer and said, You you helping me you now qualify for three free visits to our church! She smiled (professionally) and said she might just have to take me up on that.

That was at the end of July. Sunday Jennifer visited (her first free one of three) our assembly. SHE LOVED IT.

Now here's where our watering comes in. We don't know when we are around others what seed has been sown. We don't know background of hurts, successes, delights, or challenges in one's search for God.

Jennifer told us Sunday that her little church had closed down. She didn't have a church. She had looked here and there; but nothing matched her heart....until Sunday. She gave me a huge hug and said she would be back next Sunday!

Sow and water. Sow and water. That is all we are asked to do...and we can do that much. God gives the increase....and that we can't do.

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philip sims said...

Thank you for that story and example. You have encouraged me today. This afternoon, i plan to water. peace