Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I was a kid during the heights of the Cold War. I was so uneasy over Kruschev hammering his shoe in threat at the U.N. The Arms Race was on. Power matching power, strength against strength, and verbal warning of immense scale filled the television broadcasts of Walter Kronkite, David Brinkley and others.

As a Junior-higher, I was as nervous as John and Bobby Kennedy when Russia's ships were blocked from Cuba. This could be "it". Suspicion abounded as provocation intensified.

We live in a world of constant power-plays. Even the state lotteries promote the Power Ball. Power. Wealth, fame, and power are sought without regard for what might really work in life.

And what will work in life?

The cross.

The cross is the power of the mighty hand of God. Oh it didn't even look like it in Jesus' day...until. Until that thing happened that all power could no longer ignore...the resurrection.

No, power has no answer for the resurrection. When we are in God, weakness will always break the bonds of the strong. The cross looks like life is over. That is its draw. Power's look is fake. The cross fakes out power and it fakes out death.

If you wish to be of power, join the disarmament Nothing beats the resurrection power of God...and there is never a resurrection without a death.


Don't mind it. It rocks!

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