Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Mankind has a severe poison to deal with; raw and blatant pride.

At every turn of others and ourselves, pride may intercept, interrupt, or destroy otherwise good works....and good people. Pride is an ever-constant battle.

One reason is the possessor is usually so oblivious to its presence. My pride makes me defensive when I ought to listen; yet I'm too busy blocking out important info for I assume I am right...already.

Too, pride shields me in the name of self- preservation when I should be losing my notoriety and popularity for the cause and benefit of others. New life in Christ is not about me. The only way one can really find life is to let go of the one we possess.

True, humility gets a shot at us here and there. But when the day is done, pride makes sure we were covered well.

Right and righteousness are never from our mental conclusions nor are they from our deliberate efforts of service. Righteousness must be from God; that found in Jesus and never in and of ourselves....Mt. 5:20, Rom. 1:17, I Cor. 1:30, and Titus 3:5.

Right and righteousness are from Jesus for us because we can't reach them from our own education or service. Wrong and wrongedness are ours. Right and righteousness are His. The trade was made...II Cor. 5:21. Jesus became our wrong that we become his right.

Therefore, we are never, never, never in a position to boast of how right we are and wrong others are. We are right only due to Jesus and he is to be the one promoted from our lips as the only one who gets things right or makes people right.

Right and righteousness are two wonderful traits. Subtle pride ruins both from our very core.

May His grace spread from among us as we recall how much He paid that we could open our mouths in order to bless and not curse. May we use our voices for vision and not retraction; for offering hope and not condemnation.

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