Thursday, July 14, 2011


After all these years my special ministry with the St. Louis Cardinals rolls on. Next January I hope to attend my 29th camp. Chuck Swindoll told me that to live in the baseball world and the church to live a dream. I agree.

Initially, I was criticized for such a move as many of my close friends felt there was really no legitimate kingdom facet to the venture. I understood them...and with all my heart I knew God would work. He has an still is.

Three times I have recommended that Memorial discontinue this mission as it wasn't clear if it was producing or else it could be a financial burden. All three efforts were overridden.

The first time was when I needed $3000 to attend and lacked $1000 from our Missions Day collection. I accepted the signal that I should not go that particular year. As camp time approached the director called from Chicago noting I was not on the roster.

I did not tell him the reason for my intended absence, but told him that one day I might be back. He said, I don't know if this would help, but we really want you in camp. So, take off $1000 from our bill. That did it. I went!

A second time I voiced that maybe Baseball Evangelism has run its course when Upper Deck Baseball cards called out of the blue inviting me to play ball at the Field of Dreams with celebrities. Then they wanted me to preach from the mound on Sunday morning to a non-denominational church group...wearing the Sox uniform. They paid all expenses and the baseball ministry continued.

In January of this year I returned from camp---happy as usual---and offered that we discontinue this work due to the economy, etc. The elders said this was not a good idea. They believed it should continue and I was thrilled to get their observation. Still, on our Missions Day in May we lacked $2000.

I thought this may be God's signal to dispense with the work. I didn't want it that way, understand; yet I wondered. The elders assured me to move forward as they were certain the work would continue. Then in June I received a very rare birthday card from a couple (from a distant city) who were oblivious to my need. Their note expressed appreciation for my ministries and included a check for $2000 for baseball camp.

The story continues. I spent a day last week doing good mission work at Busch Stadium. I walk in a dream world. I've been honest about the work and even tried to stop it three times....but it just keeps on. Indeed, I am most grateful and extremely enthused.

The Cardinal work continues and I am amazed at His grace.

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Vasca said...

Oh is absolutely wonderfulotist that you are so good at doing His work. I never tire of your encouragement ~ your fire is so bright and you keep it going.

The Cardinals are blest to have you in their midst am I.

Thanks for inspiring me...Blessings!