Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I am obsessed with a mission to encourage the world.  It isn't a plan; but rather an inner drive.  It must be done.


I encounter two things in life that I don't like.  I dont' like them at all. 
  1. Far too many pass from day to day clueless as to their honest value.  Some are fiercely humble while others are valiantly selfish.  Few realize how truly amazing they really are.  Thus they live a life dumbed down.  Oblivion of their goodness is their state of mind. 
  2. Only at one's death do massive praises freely flow.  I resent that for us.  Why can't we lavish one another while ears can still hear?  A part of the existing oblivion of part 1 above is that lips are fundamentally mute of approval while co-existing while both are alive. 
Society is brazen when it comes to complaint and cowardly when it comes to initiating applause.  We are not too busy.  We are too afraid.  Yet, the world around us is sinking because so few voices arise to proclaim the spectacularicity of common man. 

I am on a mission every day to inform each of our staff of something I like about them.  Why?  Because I really believe each has adequate input from others and self that condemns.  So far no one has told me to stop it.

So you out there.  Saddle the horse.  Mount up.  Send cards, make calls, speak life into people.  We all need it.  Whether strangers or close friends, people are wondering if you notice anything good about them. 

Spectacularicity abounds from waiter(ress), cashier, neighbor, and brother.  Figure some way to say so.

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