Monday, May 30, 2011


I have enjoyed a marathon of Frasier on TV this weekend.  Kelsey Grammer is one of my favorite actor/comedians. 

Years ago I was doing some work at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa.  I played ball with some of the former Major Leaguers and went to a game on the last evening which included celebrities from the film and music industry.  I attended just hoping there would be some way I could meet Kelsey Grammer.

My ticket assigned me to a wooden bench along a set of bleachers (recall the movie the bleachers in the lawn by the farmhouse?  They are sitll there) that crammed everyone together pretty snugly.  As my life goes, wouldn't you know that the woman behind me with her knees in my back was Mr. Grammer's girlfriend?

I could not help but overhear her girlfriend and her discussing her boyfriend,  I turned, Y-O-U K-N-O-W H-I-M?  Yes, I sure do honey.  Well, could you arrange it for me to meet him?  Honey, he will be over here to see me in just a minute, I'll introduce you then. 

In a bit Frasier came to the fence in his Sox uniform just before the game to speak to his girl.  Hi honey.  They exchanged small talk a bit and then we got to the good stuff.  Hey this gentleman wants to meet you.  Do you mind?  He was very gracious.  As I hopped from the stands, his friend asked if we would turn for a picture.  I now have a signed 8 x 10 in my office.  Yippee!

I have met Kelsy Grammer; but I don't know him.

I have met Jesus.  And....I know him. 

Do you know Jesus?  Such seems to be a rather archaic religious-sounding probe, does it not; that kind we casually dismiss as meaningless?  However, it is important to know him.

I preached of him for a couple of decades before I began to know him.  How did I make this acquaintance?  I stalked him.  I began to watch him move.  I looked at him; his peace, his vision for the underdog, his ability to avoid being flustered. 

When one reads the Word to get to know Jesus, it reads differently.  Before, I studied it to obtain correct Bible answers.  Yet, I couldn't say that I actually knew him. 

Today?  I have hung around him and with him that I now can say I know what he is like, where he will turn, and how he will respond.  It is an overjoy to study this man in robe and sandals.

I have met Kelsey Grammer, but cannot say I really know him.  I have met Jesus....and am happy to say I've hung out with him.  We are friends.


Brian said...

GREAT post today, Terry! I appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

Great analogy. I realized a few years ago that I didn't really know Him, either. Scary and humbling, but so thankful the Spirit pointed it out to me!


Sherry Holmes said...

Thanks for another great "story" and the encouragement that so often comes from your insights and experiences. I can relate to so many of your stories and thoughts...thanks for teaching in practical and understanding ways.

Vasca said...

As you always do, you hit a homer. I've grown much by reading you each post..please do me a favor. I've done away w/balancedandunafraid.blogspot...much trouble w/it so have a new blogsite. Will you delete the one you have for me on your blogs followed and add:
Thanks for being 'my friend' indeed.