Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Cross remains a marvel and mystery of profound meaning.  It clears our sinuses in the process of defining what matters.

The Cross positioned us to watch for hope to be coming just around the corner.  Death had to be rugged for arisen life to look look so ALIVE!  We now know of the miracle of all miracles; the resurrection of Jesus.  And....WE BELIEVE IT!

If you don't believe that, then all else is truly done in vain.  Without the Cross bad hairs days are truly worth our hiding under the covers never to be heard from again.  But if you believe the marvel of the Cross, then everything else fits the category of a mere and wimpy bad hair day...these struggles weren't what we wanted but they are minor in the scheme of God's glorious provision.

What does the Cross have to do with a bad hair day?  When we believe he really died and then was back a half a week hope escapes us!

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Steven said...

What does the Cross have to do with a bad hair day you ask? Take out the word bad and put the two together; Cross Hairs. The cross forms a cross hair. To keep us focus as we aim towards the heavens. No hope escapes when we are in the cross hairs of the cross. The cross is the cross hairs to watch for hope. The cross was risen in the wilderness to save those who were bitten of grumbling and the Cross was risen, so that we can have hope with or without any hair.