Saturday, April 09, 2011


Sermon preparation is a wonderful and lovely thing.  I take it seriously.  Over time, I have developed even greater respect for God as He faithfully works with me on each sermon.  I pray to Him to not leave me at the pulpit by myself.

The Word is still sharp and active.  The Bible is a mountain range full of precious ore.  Our job is to enthusiastically dig.  With great admiration for the scholars and insightful students, I am confident to use what skill of searching God has awarded each.  My paperwork of accreditation would merely be a hunger for seeing God arise in the eager hearts in front of me.

Tomorrow I get to open the Word and let it coast into the hearers' heart-zone.  It is not my job nor my worry to track down cleverness of delivery.  Tomorrow I will open up the text and stand in awe of what God will do with the combination of my study and their need.  It will be a match; no doubt.

It is a strange thing being a preacher.  While the sermon is being delivered I am learning as fast as the listeners.  Sermons are like blooming flowers on speed-dial.  They unfold at good pace and, if centered on God, develop into a word that even the deliver hadn't intended.

Hunting for sermon material is rather easy once two things come into the forefront of one's heart; God's hope for people and a people's hunger for God's hope.  When I find another reason to offer hope....I have found my sermon.

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