Saturday, March 26, 2011


Frenzy!  Wonderful and blessed...frenzy!

This is too fun.  This is my favorite workshop year of all!  The theme, the spirit, the messages, and the reaction....everything drives in a run.  Jeff Walling did some of his best stuff!  Liz Pence is a home run!  Amanda Sanders broke in the crowds!

Yesterday Jason Thornton and Rick Atchley were at the top of their ability.  We are still wowed.  The new specialty classes For Preachers Only was stunning.  We set up 25 chairs in a very small room off to the side just to talk shop with a few guys who might not be going to the other six classes.  Don McLaughlin/Al Maxey teamed up for the morning session as did Rick Atchley and I.  Sardines would be the word....70 got into our session before they quit squeezing in...Welcome to the men's room!

The newly created WKPC (Workshop Kids Praise Chorus---2nd through 5th graders) was a great call; if I do say so myself.  Brenda Hughes is ideal in training these kids!  About 45 of them marched into the Pavilion in their bright colored shirts last night to sing two songs and the crowd fell in love.  Evangelism you wonder?  Ah, these are future leaders and servers in the kingdom and the will never forget the night they sang at the Tulsa Workshop.

Finally, the buzz is my son Dusty.  I know workshop buzz.  I hear it every time we have a guy on who strikes the heart chord and Dusty did it.  Jeff Walling did it 30+ years ago.  Atchley did it later.  Meade even later.  Dusty wowed us...and of course I was in the mix of being grateful to God for such a heart-felt presentation.

Other than that....not a lot happening around here.....just a lot of overjoy and bright eyes!

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