Sunday, March 27, 2011



Our keynote guys kept raising the bar.  I met people who had never attended who came because of the theme.  One man from Florida pulled away from the church years ago; but came for his first time because he wanted to be a part of such a theme concept.

Classes were a hit.  We must do better at guessing the attendance to fit the classroom size.  The CD sales could not keep Dusty's keynote, Marvin Phillips' class, nor Bobby Valentine's classes in supply. 

Attendance was a bit stronger than last year...but we are not near the workshop Hay-Day in that count.  On the flip-side, leadership regarding evangelistic outreach is moving closer to the Spirit of Christ and less toward the manipulative ambition of men. 

We asked for the highest contribution in workshop history; $62,200.  With attendance on the smaller side of our history and the economy as it is, we are at $10,500 remaining and will have it before God gets done!  I don't know how He does this...but He has.

Finally, God is to be honored, thanked, admired, appreciated, and worshipped.  He did it!  We had people praying from every corner.  The Brooklyn Tabernacle's 24 hour prayer chain prays in advance for the Tulsa Workshop for 30 days....and this year 60...days straight.  Only God could give us the crowd, the facilities, the funds, the messages, and the hope that we have enjoyed.  Only God!


Ed Williamson said...

Brother Terry, I have been attending the workshop since 1985, and this was one of the best in my opinion. Thank you and thank you to the wonderful brothers and sisters at Memorial for providing this opporunity for fellowship and growth. You cannot imagine how much we need this workshop! May God richly bless this work!

Wade Tannehill said...

God does deserve the praise, but thank you, Terry, for all the labor you put into this. It was a spiritual feast.

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Terry, yes glory to God for his Son was lifted up and the fellowship of his Spirit was abundant. This was only my 4th workshop but I enjoyed it greatly. Every session had serious substance. I wrote about my experiences on my blog. I want to thank you for the grace of being a speaker. Blessings.

Trey Morgan said...

You are right ... it was the best yet.

jason reeves said...

Awesome week of renewal my friend!