Wednesday, March 09, 2011


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Jesus ruins human reason.  He teaches that to keep then one must give away.  To really live, he insists we really die.  To keep in perpetual memory Jesus established a memorial which is consumed.  His backward style is our best forward motion.

So do you see it in the news of today?  Protests in Wisconsin and Ohio are threatening to spread elsewhere.  Who is going to pay for all of these contracts signed years ago to pay best wages plus strong retirement?  States are going broke because at the moment of bargaining---way back when---the deal was far enough down the road all involved lived without concern. 

Today?  Huge trouble because someone somewhere has got to figure a way to pay for it all....and there's no way to figure it.  Trouble lurks. 

Not so with the backward forward motion of Jesus.  In the beginning God had a retirement plan for man.  He could see the ruin far ahead.  God had the vision that we would reach a point where we would not know how to begin to pay the debt.  He would not be caught asking, Who's going to pay for this?  He would pay for it. 

God wrote into the contract a backward way of keeping mankind from insurmountable debt.  Jesus would pay it.  He did.  There is no clamor for relief from overwhelming debt.  Jesus paid it all. 

We are believe how great is our God that He could operate so forward in our backward world.

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