Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Don't you love God?  I'm not asking if you love His commands or if you get the top ten right most of the time.  I'm not leading you to ponder how much you love the church or if you enjoy serving in it.  I am asking about your personal and deeply rooted fascination with God.

God is the ultimate unbelievable-to-be-believed story.  He insists we not only believe it, but join it.  Nothing is as radical as the God-us-story.  Let me say it again; nothing is as wonderfully and beautifully radical.

To slip into carnal religious habit is not loving God.  To merely mouth words or disengage in the work of the kingdom are irksome tragedies.  To find the checklist complete because we have developed a three-times-a-week faithfulness still begs the question, Are you crazy about God?

Ponder what lights your fire.  A famous concert?  A championship game?  A meaningful relationship?   What is it that captures your mind when it is off-duty?  Whatever you would note, does God do the same thing for you?  Is it true you can't quit thinking of God and how He pulls off such wonderful, beautiful, thrilling work?  How talented can He be? 

I am wowed by Him.  I can't imagine what size and sort can whisper to cause the Rockies to stretch out.  What sort of voice must He possess which can pronounce, You are now water and, land, set up bravely in its midst only to have India and Africa arise from the ocean?  Wow power!

When we are touched by anything enormous, we can't help but join in unrestrictive celebration.  We can't be shut up.  Spread the word.  God is to be emphatically and enormously and gloriously worshipped.  The more we get close to Him the larger He becomes and the smaller we realize ourselves to be. 

However small we discover we are....nothing will shut us up in declaring our God is alive!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us that God is not just a silent partner. It's all about a loving relationship and adoration. j

Anonymous said...

I've been challenged to think lately....if He was all there was for me, would it be enough? Is He really sufficient for me? Would I praise Him for who He is, not what He's given to me? Very humbling...