Wednesday, March 09, 2011


This morning at dawn I was perched at McDonalds.  I could not help but notice what appeared to be a homeless and very old man treasuring a cup of coffee with his dirty and weathered hands.  The clothing was tattered and filthy.  Unshaven for weeks his hair was a greasy gray, matted, and very long.  His eyes---oh his eyes---were noticeably puffy with deep creases surrounding. 

As I babysat my Egg McMuffin and coffee, I watched him fumble for every crumb...wrap and unwrap, fold and crease the wrappings...while he enjoyed each morsel. 

I watched intently...for my reaction.  How often and how easy is it for me to dismiss such a person as if he does not exist?  I intentionally looked "at" this creature of God instead of looking "away".  I told myself to look at him and try to see what Jesus would see. 

As if a window shade had been lifted, I actually began to love the man.  I began to wonder what he might need.  Two things; I concluded.  He needed money as well as recognition. 

So I went over to this mess of a lonely looking man who sat for the longest time with sad eyes drooping.  Good morning young man!  How's it going this morning?  Fine, he graciously responded as if slightly caught off guard that a person was addressing him. 

I've been watching you, young man, and I think you must be important.  Really?  How's that?  I've watched you.  You seem to notice people and care about them.  Oh, thank you sir.  You are welcome....and listen, I've got some extra money here that I'm not using today.  Why don't you use it?  Oh, thank you sir.  That's all right, young man.  You have a good day.

Would Jesus have done that?  Yes, and more.  But when I got in my car to drive away, I pondered to myself, Hmmm, I wonder if that was a homeless man....or was it Jesus?


Ann said...

Regardless if this man was homeless, or Jesus. He saw, and heard, Jesus in you.

Anonymous said...

Why is that usually so scary for us? Is it because some have become so good at asking for money that they almost sound and feel like car salesmen? Or are we afraid they'll ask us for something we don't have? We do need to do a better job at treating them as a person valuable to Jesus, that's for sure.

Brian said...

If it were just a homeless man, he saw the face of Jesus. If it were Jesus, He saw a reflection of Himself in you!

Inspiring story! Thanks!

jason reeves said...

He was Jesus, and so were you.

Glory to God!