Thursday, March 10, 2011


The turbulence of the mid-East is disconcerting.  The increased division in America is bordering on hostility.  Not all is well in the land of the brave and the home of the free. 

I believe it will not be long until we begin to hear reports of violence as chasms build.  Again, this is just my opinion.  At least two things might be considered as we approach the coming days: (1) the churches may need to take partial responsibility for neutering the spiritual atmosphere of America by our opposition to one another rather than to dark forces, and (2) it will be important for us to determine our posture should society turn against itself.

(1) We can perceive any great struggles coming upon the church as a cleansing blessing.  We may need to be rocked from our rocking chair faith.  Let us not discard the strain we might encounter should unrest intensify.

(2) Our role will be as it always has; carry about the nature of Jesus.  Love each other and love enemies.  Bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Fight fire with hope.  Battle neighbor with kindness.

Our world is experiencing dangerous division.  We might be most effective if we can remember that we are to take up our crosses daily...and the cross means we die to ourselves that those for whom we die may live for Him. 

What thinketh ye?


tlhanger said...

I do agree with your thoughts, even though it is scary.

tlhanger said...

I do agree with your thoughts, even though because of all my grandkids it seems a little or a lot scary.