Thursday, March 17, 2011


Success and failure appear to be distinctly definable until one meets God.  When He is present both melt.

Success is nothing.  Isaiah 6 must have ventured he was a noble sort until he stood in the presence of God.  Then his first word was Woe followed by is me....I am ruined. 

Failure melts as well.  The immoral woman had intentionally moved to the well in the noonday heat when others wouldn't be around.  In the presence of God in Jesus her worst melted at his word.

Neither success nor failure leave us with bragging rights.  Both are to be submitted to the indescribable and immeasurable heart of God.  We are so off in both our errors and our efforts to correct our errors that God had to become ERROR/SIN/FAILURE that we could become the correctness God insists we possess....II Cor. 5:21.

When both our successes and failures melt in complete disarray, we then are better equipped to say My Lord and My God!  Until then we tend to say My car.  My house.  My moneyMy life.  My needs.  But when we get it that we, too, are ruined as Isaiah a new creation seems to come about from within. 

And as Isaiah we say to God, I'll try.  Send me.

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1 Middle Man said...

Both success and failure should be servants to faithfulness...thanks for your thoughts.