Friday, March 18, 2011

ELEVATORS: PEOPLE OR CEILINGS? wasn't a bad awful day.

I went to see Ethelen Magnusson at St. Francis Hospital.  As I waited with others for the elevators, I don't understand what came over me.  I dont' mind silence.  But I just have this inner urge at times that some want to talk.  We usually stand in silence and stare at the floor.

So as we waited I said to one of the men as I intimated that I was psychic, I believe door number 2 will open for us.  Naw, I don't think so.  I pick door number 4.  The three or four women around began to smile as we anticipated and competed for the door's ding.

Door 4 was the was going down.  The  man (the winner) got on board and went down.  The four women and I had outsmarted him as he was going the wrong way (ha-ha-ha)!  So I said to the four, I sure hope another door opens in a hurry.  I don't want to have to ride his elevator. 

Ding!  Door 4 opened again (!)...and there he was.  He went the wrong way and won anyway....two times.

Well, although I wasn't a very good guesstimator as to which door would open, by the time we loaded all of the crowd that had gathered we had a pretty lively discussion riding in the winning elevator.  We didn't exactly draw names for Christmas, mind you, but we did share pleasantries which, to me, is better than staring at the ceiling.


John said...

Terry, when I was a freshman in college I got on the elevator in my dorm to go to class. A guy started a conversation with me and before we got to the ground floor he had invited me to a dinner for college students that his church was having on Sunday night. I went. Three weeks later I was baptized into Christ!

Greg England said...

Sounds just Terry Rush.