Thursday, December 30, 2010


There is grave danger in everything going right.  After awhile our dependency upon the Lord diminishes as we subtly take on an air of personal skill-set provision.  It is when our backs are against the wall with no way to be self-provisionary that we get to see who really runs the show; God.

When visions and dreams strike a leader in the church we tend to look to the bank balance to see if we can first afford it.  This is the beginning of a man-made venture.

One of the several things I enjoy about our elders at Memorial is their detachment from materialistic provision over this flock.  If God doesn't do it via some person or circumstance, it won't get done.

I recall a time when we were in pretty slim straights financially at this congregation.  A poor college girl who had no family here gave the church a check for $17,000 without restrictions.  A gift!  A surprise gift from one least expected.  We are still blessed by her timely move as she followed God's urge.

Don't be discouraged when you have a deep need and you just don't know how.  God knows about you just as He is verifying it by this article.  How did He know you needed to read this right now?  Oh...He has a way!

It is His very way that puts smiles on our faces and adrenalin in our faith muscles.  We may be pinned in by a wall too high and an army chasing us.  It matters not.  With God there is always His talent to part the sea on the other side which we assume would cause us to drown.

Is your back against the wall?  Don't flinch.  God is simply pruning you of your assumed essential provision.  Your way won't cut it.  So don't labor long in your weak management skills.  Look to Him.  He has a blessing coming every moment of every day. 

Our backs aren't against the wall.  Our God has our backs.  We just assumed it was a wall.  Our backs are up against God....the Great Provider!  Walls...our opportunites to notice Him.


Brian said...

I just have to share two stories about God: We do not have a lot of money, however a friend of mine needed a $100.00, so I gave it to him. The very next week, a friend called me up and wanted to meet me at Hardee's, I said ok and arrived at 8:00 a.m. sharp on Thursday. He reached in his pocket and gave me a bundle of 20's that counted to $1,000.00 On the very next Sunday, I gave $50.00 to one of our members who had lost her job and she had no gas money. NOT even 2 minutes later, a lady walked into the door and handed me 500 dollars and said thank you for all you do!

I have many stories like the two I mentions. Terry, you are right, God is aware of each of us and is preparing something spectacular for each of us!

Greg England said...

You have no idea how timely your words are to me right now.