Wednesday, December 22, 2010


God created the world and delivered the Words by which humanity was to live.  Spectacularism and routine cohabitated for centuries.  And then....and then a startling thing happened.  God moved in.

God's move is a matter to behold.  He got His fleshly start in a barn.  I'm a farm boy.  I've worked many days in the barn.  Should you think God moved into a nativity scene, think again.  The barn is absent tablecloths and polyester drapes.  Among its many uses, the cattle barn is the sewage department of the farm.  One of the first barn rules for all farmers is, "Watch your step."

This is where God chose to move in.  His moves were astounding.  How we love to read of each account.  His semi-final ending was that of excrutiating pain from the rugged cross.  God moved in....with complete Alpha and Omega commitment.

We?  His followers?  Aren't we called to follow in his steps?  Thus, when living out the life of Christ within us, we can count on treacherous days where we help the down and out so much we, too, have to "Watch our step."  We too will find the Jesus-involvement will involve foul odor and probable injury. 

God moved in.  And when He did He burrowed in with the rough and tough stuff of humanity.  The church wants to the be true church from a distance.  In other words, we tend to not move in.  We want to help...but we would rather not smell. 

What I am seeing is the church is most alive the more it smells of working in the barn instead of donating at mall.


Steven said...

In our consumer culture, Jesus isn’t just another pick-and-mix lifestyle guru; in fact,
he claimed exclusively to be ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’. If we choose to follow him,
then we also have to count the cost - of dedication, commitment, perseverance, selfless love
and generosity. But the reward - a dynamic, living relationship with the dynamic, living God - is surely worth it. Like a snow ball, it only begins with a flake and a mind willing to imagine what one can begin to design. I'm glad God moved in so let's not move out.

Vasca said...

People kid each other this time of year w/be good or Santa won't bring you anything...ho-ho! Watch out...ouch.

God isn't our Santa, even though many envision Him as 'the jolly gift giant'.

I became a Christian because I truly was 'scared to death' not to. Oh took me some kind of huge 'miracle gro' to really see Him as He is.

God is the only 'deliverer' I totally trust and adore. When I abandoned myself to Him, there aren't enough words to describe my transformation. I've no intention of walking away 'cause He's got me covered. So...when I take my eyes off Him and 'step in some sewage deposits'? Thanks to Him who allows me to 'wash the stinky' off and continue walking w/ or out of the barns.

Liz Moore said...

Well said Terry! Merry Christmas friend!