Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The answer to the title question is obvious.  Or, is it?

I don't know about you but I find myself still growing in this area.  Of course God being my God has received much lip service; especially in songs.  Yet, as I look back I note maybe He was not actually at the top of the "hunger for" list.

Here's what might have inserted itself into His place in my walk:
  • Performance.  I was not as concerned about God hearing from me in worship and adoration as I was getting my religious skills/duties sharpened.
  • Reputation.  It was critical that all cross-sections of the brotherhood liked me.  Popularity was essential.
  • Doctrine.  Of course it was absolutely crucial to believe the right things in the right way in the right order.  Being right was the pinnacle from which I vowed never to jump.  His righteousness for me was a non-essential for I could bring my own to the table...I thought.
Each of the above is important.  They are not God.  It took me a bit--a long bit--to realize I wasn't crazy about God; but was mesmerized by functioning well in front of Him.

My wrestle is the church's battle still today.  It is a dead-end alley to believe that getting our i-s dotted and our t-s crossed in precision pleases God if our hearts are vacant of complete adoration of His central being.  One of the things I pray every morning on my way to the office is for those driving alongside of me to acknowledge the God of our lives rather than drive throughout the day without a complimentary thought of gratitude toward Him.

Love the Lord your God---commandment #1.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I've thought of this a good bit lately. It seems like humility, gratitude and thankfulness are "weapons" to shoot at thte other gods. If we acknowledge that everything comes from Him, perhaps we realize more and more our dependence on Him for everything.

SnapTrader said...

Excellent post! It's so easy to get wrapped up in the "physical" aspects of worship, that we forget about the Spirit! Thank you.