Sunday, December 19, 2010


God's glory....who can fathom?  God's range of work....who can report it?

The more we tell of God's doing the more He does.  It is that simple.

The way to fill the earth with His glory is to sow seeds of it by our speaking.  If we will but rumor His love we will gossip the world into spectacular life without limits for He inhabits His praise.

We can't possibly take in the fascination of God's varying talent, skill, and unspeakable productivity.

We lost ground when we used up our words to out-argue other Christian brands.  We gain ground when we form words of hope, and life, and great love.  These words are working words; creative in the nature of the Three!

Let the redeemed say so...the Psalmist advised.  Still on target.  Spread the Word.  God not only is not dead....He isn't even getting tired.  His handiwork is still handy we can't possibly take it in!

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Your God's handiworker. j