Friday, December 10, 2010


Be encouraged about your work for God.  It is pregnant with hope.  Do not despair.  He has you and your needs in His sight.

I do believe His work is held up by us and not by His reluctance.  You know I don't understand Father's timetables nor do I come close to understanding His responses to our prayers.  But Jesus did say that matters of importance did not happen for some disciples because of weak faith.

In an age where we don't want to accept responsibility, we try to explain away---sometimes---why kingdom matters haven't developed.  Seldom do we admit we failed to believe God can.

Is the hold-up of progress coming from our side?  I think it surely must.  What happens when we engage in a God-project?  Immediate reason to be discouraged.  Some believe by enduring while others bail on the issue. 

We are a weak-faithed sort.  Not all and not always, understand.  But in general we tend to operate by "faith" according to our mood or reading of a situation more than according to the promises of God.  We are too careful to not blame God; so we blame and elder or a preacher or a teacher or a song leader or....when the real issue is God can't find one person in that church to believe.

So awaken to the wonder of it all.  When rugged terrain imposes itself upon your faith walk, I cheer you on to believe in God deeper, higher, wider, and farther.  Don't back up nor down.  Push.  Push.  Give birth to a new work in an old congregation by daring to believe---God needs one person to dare---that God can do the impossible. 

God can.  We can't; yet our calling is to believe He can.  That's the magic of ministry.  This is the fun of faith.  We need never give up!  You are connected to the Amazing God.  Believe like it!

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Anonymous said...

I have been doubting lately. What a great faith encouragement. Thank you! j