Monday, December 27, 2010


Does anyone else get those gnarly sensations that we are not making a dent in this fallen society?  Such could seem legit.  News reports of tragedy plus threat bombard our minds...unless.  Unless...we have filled our minds ahead of time with the news from Heaven Live...that journal eerily inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Reporters David and Daniel, Peter and Paul, and others promote an entirely different concept....hope.

I think daily earth reports (II Cor. 12:7 references these messengers from Satan) are designed to both detract and distract from the faith-armies of God.  Abundance of progress is being made.  Souls are being more than saved; they are being transformed into glorious soldiers of the cross.

From the Mid-East to the Mid-West, small group Bible studies are cropping up in magnitudinal measurement.  Such students are serious about their mission.  There is a serious move of believers arising to bravely and confidently challenge the opposition of our time.  God's righteousness is be heralded. 

Be assured the gaining of ground is neither imaginary nor weak.  Substantial sowing of kingdom seed is arising world-wide.  People are adoring the Father, believing the Son, and empowered by the Spirit.  Change---real hopeful change---is taking place in all nations. 

Do you think we are losing ground?  Consider books and journals and blogs cannot report all that is being accomplished by God today.  As the Bible emphasizes that the world could not contain all of the reports of Jesus' works when he was still can't. 

Be encouraged.  God is happening and those connected to Him are in the winning mode!

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Steven said...

Christ’s blood covered the ground. Could we be losing ground? A caution sign could be placed: Slippery When Wet. When we trod on the holy ground without reference to who is doing the work then we are treading where Christ has already been and that could be slippery when wet situation. For it is Satan that likes to take us off focus and look at the ground. Christ was one step ahead with blood drops to follow him home. Although books cannot contain all of what is accomplished it is the hope you have expressed, which is the assurance and encouragement to know we don’t have to worry about the ground. Isn’t it great to be on the winning mode and not the Whining mode?