Sunday, October 31, 2010


I can read and speak English.  I know a few Spanish words and have traveled in and out of Mexico several times.  Last week I managed to get to the doctor for a flu shot all by myself.  I even know a few who have written books.  So why can't I get it right when the time changes from daylight to non-daylight?

I'm 63 years old.  It can't be this difficult to set clocks backward and forward an hour. really is.  I have a terrible track record on this.

There have been those times where I did the forward when I was supposed to do the backward. who hasn't done that one?  And....yes, there was the time I set my clock up an hour; but I did it a week early. that's understandable....I think.

But this past Spring I did everything just right---on purpose and with great care no less.  Nothing could possibly go wrong....except.  Except I had purchased a new alarm.  How was I to know that it made the time changes automatically?  How come it would know when I don't?  It isn't that I'm not grateful for it and nearly relieved; but someone should have said something at Target when I bought it...don't you think?

As with all other clocks, I set my new alarm ahead an hour early.  During the night it set itself ahead yet another hour.  When I thought I was getting up at the early 5:30 a.m., I was really up at the new 4:30 a.m.!!!!

Do you have any idea how early two hours earlier are?  It's not right...that's how early it is.  It just isn't fair.  I don't recall one note in the instructions about a satellite beaming in a change of time to my bedroom. 

So now it is time to once again change the clocks next Saturday.  And really....hasn't somebody been changing the time as to when we are to change the time?  There's my case!  It can't be done and any who get it done simply luck out.  Will my clock change by itself the way it did in the Spring except the opposite...sorta?  Who knows?  I'm not touching it!

The problem with all of  this is that it always hits on my one day a week to work!  Help me!  Would somebody help me?


Lita said...

I can give you a wake-up call. You'll still be very late, but it will be my fault.

Steven said...

I can call you at two am to make sure you fall backwards 1 hour. Then again, would not want you to fall asleep in the pulpit! Good thing in Heaven there will not be any moving forward or backwards on time.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush, I am cracking up at the innocence of your quandry!! What a blessing to laugh today! Thank you!

Greg England said...

Funny. I always wanted our church to just show up on the "regular" clock time as if nothing had happened and then we would, as a family, change our watches after the worship assembly. That way we never had to worry about time changes Spring or Fall. But no one seemed interested in that idea . . . seemed like a good one to me.