Thursday, October 21, 2010


Understand this up front; I do not regard myself as a church growth expert.  I am one who has both enjoyed and endured the church experience.  Because of this, possibly some stages I have encountered might be valuable to those of you who find yourself in a leadership capacity.  Wish me luck!
  1. Don't be afraid to be wrong.  Be afraid when you are wrong and can't admit it.
  2. Believe in two things; God and your church family.
  3. Grasp the truth that your cross is a daily matter and the headlines over it are "REJECTION!!!".
  4. Admit that much of our doctrine has left us believing we are the only ones doing church right.
  5. The latter will necessarily call for humility in reaching a point we--as a church--don't know what to do next in order to prove to us we "also" didn't know how to do church right.
  6. (Do you mean we can have more than five steps to something?  Is there really a sixth and beyond?)
  7. Learn to rejoice in the very center of struggle.  Until you do, the prison doors will not fall open.
  8. Replace your organizational confidence with Holy Spirit dependence.
  9. Realize you are the very least in your congregation....and don't be bummed by it.
  10. Be sure that you believe God can create something from nothing and give life to the dead.
  11. Build a Kingdom Kontagion by speaking openly about the good things you see in your shepherds, your ministers, your congregation....and above all...YOUR GOD.
  12. Put in perspective that you are about many little specks of work; it is God who is about the Mountain Moves!
  13. Keep it in front of you; you are the least of all your friends, all your co-leaders....truly.
  14. With God, nothing is hopeless nor impossible.  Lean with confidence upon His nature!
  15. Regardless of visual discouragement, dare to believe God can resurrect hope in the center of all cemeterial (feels like death) ministry.


Anonymous said...

If the Church wants people who are not in the Church to join, then they need to stop acting as if those outside are not welcome. Stop grumbling and complaining, slandering, and gossiping about all those ugly 'sinners' during Sunday classes.

I've heard way too much of that self-righteouss, unChristian junk. It is wrong, and it drives away new people. Who wants to be the next victim of the big fat slander, gossip, and self-righteous judging machine? Raise your hand if you do! It's just waiting for its next victim; and that can be you! In fact, just dare to speak up against it, and it probably will be you. Paul scolded people like this all the time. In fact, he said this about sexual immorality:

1 Corinthians 5:12
What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?

But the Church's stance on sexual issues today is exactly the opposite. Blast everyone outside, but DEMAND 'grace', 'mercy', and 'forgiveness' for everyone in the Church. I've heard enough of that kind of condemnation of the outside world to last a lifetime, especially in recent times. Honestly, I think the Church should be called on their sins of slander, gossip, hatred, and unloving attitude in general.

I'm convinced that most Churches are in the business these days of driving out (or keeping away) anyone that they don't like. And then they wonder why nobody wants to come to their Church? Amazing.

Terry Rush said...

Dear Anonymous,

I hesitantly allowed your comment to be shown. You, or another Anonymous like you, seem to have an alternate agenda. I'll let you post such ideas on your blog (if you have one) but I would really rather not on mine.

It isn't that your ideas lack some validity....but, as your recent comment, you seem to be responding to something I did not write.

Thank you for your understanding.

I didn't want to just delete your next few comments without explanation. Okay?

Greg England said...

Number 7 particularly resonated with me, Terry.

Terry Rush said...


I received your note....but as I said in an earlier comment....I will not publish it. Yet, it is not fair that I not respond to you.

You may email me at and include your name. I'll be happy to visit with you more through that venue.

Will that work for you?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rush,

I've addressed your two issues as best as I know how. (a) I explained why I genuinely thought I was being on topic; (b) I've tried to address your near-accusation of 'agenda', but it's hard without any specifics. I've not been intentionally misleading or dishonest.

So, I've answered you in good faith.

I fully comprehend that my words are no longer welcome here. It seems to me that all issues have been resolved.

Best Wishes.

Terry Rush said...

Anonymous friend,

Of course you can't answer without specifics. I get that.

I've given you my email. Here it is again;

Email me and give me your name. I'll gladly give you specifics so you can better understand what I mean.

I encourage you to do this. I would be honored to visit with you.

Please email me. I'll gladly answer all of your questions...or at least give it a good stab.