Friday, October 22, 2010


Search committees have their hands full.  Only by the grace of God do any bless the church...and the man they bring on board.  Searching for a preacher is reflective of picking up a hitch-hiker.  Is there imminent danger and from whom; the driver or the hitch-hiker?

Because I am in discussions of both the searchers and the seekers, I have pondered my ideas of what ought to be asked in interviews.  Some are:
  1. Tell what you have seen God do that couldn't get done by any other means.
  2. What was it God taught you that freed you from your inadequacies?
  3. Share with us your roughest time in kingdom work and what God did to help you survive.
  4. Do you believe the Holy Spirit is active, sort of active, not active among us today...and what verses back your position?
  5. What good is prayer?
  6. When you see members who seems dead or ministries that seem dead, what hope do you have to offer?
  7. Why do you think critics are important in your ministry?
  8. Why do you think the real work is to believe Jesus (Jn. 6:29)?


Anonymous said...

Good questions for even those of us outside of "professional" ministry to consider, yes?

Keep it up Mr. Rush!

jason reeves said...

Awesome questions, for every believer. And especially for those of us who get to do this every week!

Glory to God!


Brian said...

Excellent! We used many of these when you interviewed youth ministers.

What are good questions preachers should ask the elders, search team, or congregation who are looking for a place of ministry?