Friday, September 03, 2010


I want to thank several who have inspired me along the way to mold me into one who loves his work.  You know if I name six people I really could name 6000 for all "atta boys" and even bumps in the road are significant.  Nonetheless, I am mindful today of some key moments.

I thank LANDON SAUNDERS for preaching in 1978 about "Jesus in the Marketplace".  I'd never heard of such a concept; and it never left me.

I thank TROY SINGLETON for teaching me that Jesus was a human with earwax and stomach cramps.

I thank three former UNNAMED ELDERS who made my life so miserable I was forced to find hope in darkness.  I love them and was blessed by them for I needed the discouragement....honestly.

I thank MARVIN PHILLIPS for showing me that preachers could be happy, like people, and smile while enthusiastically preaching the Word of God.

I thank ALLISON BILLS and VICKI ALCORN for, when third graders, giving me insight to thinking on the right things called for in Phil. 4:4-8.

I thank JEFF BROWN for showing me what walking vision looks like as he still builds the kingdom one young heart at a time.

I thank the late CURT FLOOD for helping me understand slavery so I could have a better grasp of how many feel in the church.

I thank WENDY CHAPEL, my daughter, for believing God when all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put her life back together.....twice.

I thank ALLEN FRENCH for showing me that our assemblies didn't revolve around my preaching; but totally around the throne of God.

I thank LIZ PENCE for showing me how to reach to the unreachable.

I thank DAVID BUCHANAN, CHRIS JONES, RON MAGNUSSON, and VAN PRIEST for believing in me when I have days of struggle and doubt.

I thank ALL THOSE IN THE CHURCH for years of letting me be mistaken, recover, and continue the learning process of walking toward the Master.

Finally, I thank JESUS for his willingness to be my attorney at the Judgment.  And...for his excitement over our present ministry together. 


Jeff Slater said...

I thank YOU for a sermon you preached at the Heartland Workshop in Indianapolis (1995, I think). The message was titled "The Call" and it changed my life.

Brian said...

I am thankful to you for the way you encouraged me over the years. You are a spiritual father to many of us!