Monday, September 13, 2010


Extreme or ExStream....both are the same!

All following words are certain to miss the effective communication mark.  There are no phrases to adequately express the wonder I experienced with Ken Young and Hallal this past weekend at South MacArthur in Irving, TX.  It was thrilling!

God of us!

The attendees, the sponsoring congregation, Hallal, and me.....we were stunned and overjoyed at the clear connection of His Spirit throughout the weekend.  It was amazing.

The theme was the Cross.  We just kept the idea alive that worry is over and wonder is here.  The thought struck and stuck.

Hallal will develop another Stream in Austin in January....and I encourage you to consider taking part.  It is exstreamly amazing to be a part of this fabulous God-event!


Anonymous said...

And there are no words to express the wonder we experienced with YOU, Mr. Rush! We were encouraged and uplifted, and your words were so incredibly timely for so many! The Spirit was definitely at work in this Stream!

Liz said...

Thank you for each lesson you taught and all you poured into our hearts and minds. From the shadow of the cross for sure one life was eternally changed. Your thoughts on insecurity where nail driven. No worry just wonder rings over and over. God bless you!

Loren said...

Terry it has truly been a blessing hearing you speak at Stream in Irving! may God bless your life even more!!