Monday, September 13, 2010


You do understand we are more than we can imagine don't you?  After all, we are the body of Christ.  He blankets earth.

In the Spring I marveled at the power of individual Christians gathered at Pepperdine.  During the summer I met with a unique study group in Longmont.  Ah...the power of that crew; faith galore and hearts afire.  And then this past weekend at Stream DFW....the marvel of men and women who dearly love God and yearn for the full life He imparts.  And...this is just some of the icing to the daily Memorial Drive cake where I reside in complete fascination.

If we could know of God's family and its vast strength at this very moment we would break out into hot tears.  He is both vibrant and enthusiastic in His people.  Mission networks and mission teams span the globe.  Young kids are planning, old veterans of the church are still praying....all the while God is designing.

The church is still reflective of Acts 2 in having daily baptisms world-wide.  How many do you think are being immersed in China, in world prisons, in South Africa every day?  Hundreds.  And then there're Europe, and Australia....and Canada....and Mississippi....everywhere God is winning.

Try to calculate the strong and faithful Christians you know and then multiply that group by 70 x 7.  When you find that sum, you can believe by faith you yet don't know the half of His wonder!

The kingdom of God is so encouraging.  He is so powerful.  He didn't leave His skills in the first century church to perform no more as some would have us to believe.  God is rich in talent and mercy.  May we be highly encouraged by latching our hearts to the glory which still radiates....around the world!


Anonymous said...

Truth is so important, and the Church in America is not doing a good job of dealing with Truth. We, like the pagan world, have begun to sell out.

Where are the voice of outcry in this country against the Chinese system which denies true religious freedom? We don't care enough about the people of China; we're willing to remain silent, just so long as we are able to obtain cheap goods.

Where is the outrage against a system which denies the basic right of religion, where true practice of Christianity is a capital offense. Is there no one who will decry the serious abuses of the Chinese by the Chinese Government? We have sold out for monetary gain, and we've abandoned the Chinese people. Soon China will be the largest economy in the world, and we will have lost what little power we have to speak up on behalf of the Chinese people who need our voice.

The Church in America can no longer tolerate the truth. It is too much in the habit of gathering up people to satisfy the itching of its ears. For example, when was the last time a preacher was honest enough to preach about how wrong it was for our so-called Christian nation to bear false witness against Iraq in starting a war? They have traded honesty for satisfying itching ears, and can no longer tolerate hearing "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." The new doctrine: the ends justify the means, and truth can be sacrificed if it will demoralize us. That's what American ears itch to hear.

Anonymous said...

"He didn't leave His skills in the first century church to perform no more as some would have us to believe."

Mr. Rush, a question for you, someone I respect so much, somewhat related to this thought. I've been so convinced the last months and years that God's Spirit is so much more powerful and alive, both in us and around us, more than we have given Him credit for. For many, it's scary to discuss "the Spirit", even while we read and recite the list of His fruit (Gal. 5).
I've been convinced that the Bible is still being "written", if you will, today. God still moves!
But, the question I have is, does God, through the Spirit, talk to us today? I heard a radio preacher I respect even this morning say that the Bible ended with Revelation. That anyone who says they hear God, or receive a vision from Him is in dangerous territory. Yet, he admits the power of the Spirit in helping us understand scripture, for instance.
I think we are too slow and reluctant to give credit to the Spirit for ideas and thoughts and works that we have and do. So, then they become "mine", not His.
Can't God show us things and reveal things to us today?
Needing some direction.

Terry Rush said...

To China Anonymous,

I am sensitive to your burden. I want to encourage you that God is not dependent upon us to get it right; but we are dependent on Him that He get us right.

I feel sure you and I both have light-years of improvement to make and after we've made them for 10,000 years we will appear that we have only just begun.

While there are huge concerns regarding China's regulations, there is a super chance the church is stronger there underground than we are above ground.

I say that not to put us down but to lift God and His creative skill up.

As the blog title was expressing...there are many things going right in the kingdom which are SO ENCOURAGING!