Friday, September 24, 2010


I love to wonder what God might do in so many settings of any day.  It was 6:30 this morning and I was in one of my cafes with book in tow.  I am reading a thriller of an autobiography about Rees Howells. 

While I pinched off a piece of toast here and there and sipped the morning brew, I noticed the people scattered here and over there.  A couple ahead of me that I greet nearly every time I'm in there was two pews away.  Another man and woman sat in the far corner; I don't think we had met.  And then two grumpy old men sat a distance away of which I was glad.  A blue mist shrouds their table every morning and I would just as soon not start my day listening to their "blue streak" jargon.

So I decided to do something in honor of God.  I bought every one's breakfast.  I asked the waitress to go by and pick up every one's ticket.  Why?  I like to do things unexplainable to see if God will do some things unexplainable back. 

He said to sow seed, did He not?  He said our efforts would multiply 30 or 60 or 100-fold, did He not?  Then why not do things which make no sense on the "be sensible" scale.  Why not do things which might give one a boost that I had no idea needed it?  Why not be good to people...just for goodness' sake?

My morning toast and coffee cost me $39.02.  I will never know what good it did.  But I know God...and He will not waste my faith.  He will bless and not curse.  He alone will enrich those who experienced a Free Lunch at breakfast time!

May we break the bonds of self-imposed limits; then may we experience the overjoy of God working!


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Brian said...

We live between Fort Gordon and Fort Jackson. One of the things I love to do is pick up the tab of soldiers.

I asked the waiter to bring me their ticket and then sit back and watch their faces light up. They will never know who bought their meal, but at least it something one Army veteran can do for another. My time in the Army was special and we were at peace. Today, our soldiers need our support; even if its just a meal!

Thanks for the touching story, Terry!

deester said...

Where do you eat. I might start showing up there "just in case."