Saturday, September 25, 2010


I must tell you that I wonder who is on the receiving end of this note who really needs to hear it today.  So I say to "you" that God is highly my guess.  Good for you!

If we are breathing, we live in constant tension of the mind.  Really, a war rages for our highs and lows while God does not want us to be lukewarm; in the middle.

What gets us down?  Circumstances.  Our shortfall is to make immediate effort to humanly organize an escape when we should be looking for God's way through.  Negative circumstances aren't there to show us what we can't get done.  They are there to show us the route to God getting it done....simple faith.

Read Romans 4:17-25; the circumstance of aged Abraham and Sarah leaning on the promises of God.  What was it that would cause them to be of good mood about their barrenness?  One thing; the promise of God.....nothing else.  NO THING ELSE.  God promised and that is all that matters.  Negativity of age, performance, nor hopelessness could cause this couple to be down because they truly believed God promised.

Hope against hope is what the Word says in their belief.  Hope cancelled hopelessness.  That's what we need in every setting to stay up....a hope that will cancel hopelessness.  When we have hope...we have results...and we can stay up.  When hope leaves we are then defenseless from being pulled down.

From Old Testament through New, look at story after story painted to show you and me two things; there was every reason to be without hope except for that entrusted to God's powerful nature.  Joseph in the pit.  Moses in the desert 4-0  l-o-n-g  y-e-a-r-s.  The widow and the slight jar of oil.  David and GOLIATH!  5000 to feed and "no way Jose".  Peter shackled in prison.  Jesus in the grave.

The Bible has one clear message so try to get it; WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  Our struggles escalate not because of abundance of discouragement but rather from lack of faith in our Possibility God. 

How do we stay up when the pull to be down is so strong?  We insist our hope cancels all hopelessness and we choose to believe when there is not one hint of anything to support or substantiate such an action. 

Don't forget it!  I feel sure someone(s) really needed this word today!


Brian said...

Terry, I have been trying to encourage a particular person for a while now. This POST is it! It says everything she needs to hear. You're right, someone does need to hear your Spirit-led message today!

I will let you know what she says after reading it!

WOW! Thank you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

It's good for people to remember that doing things the right way is how we we are not pulled down. It's not about telling other people what the right way is for them. We don't and can't control others. It's not about politics. It's about us seeking the right way for ourselves, which means that we seek to do His will.

The more consistent that we are in our journey to stay in God's will, the more that God can use us in His work. If God can depend on us, then the work that He has prepared in advance for us to do will come off with fewer hitches, and God can take us to greater and greater places as we witness His work in this world.

InSpire. In Spirit. That's one of those amazing concepts that we've let people hijack. Spirit is what reveals the very heart of God to each of us. We can't know the thoughts of another man except by his spirit, but we have received the Holy Spirit of God. It's part of His guarantee to us, and part of the good reason we have for the hope that is in us.

Liz Moore said...

Your thoughts continue to be just what I need. God is speaking this to me apparently in a lot of different places. I choose to listen and I choose to believe! Thank you friend!