Monday, August 23, 2010


I know the secret to life beginning to fit.  Fit?  Yes, that discovery which seems to open the door to His present wonder.  I speak of a time in our walk when the light seems to come on. 

Oh how I searched beneath several misleading rocks for His buried treasure.  Was it to be found under the rock of education?  Or, of available money?  How about ingenuity?  Creativity?  Advertising?  Try beautiful church buildings?  Maybe finely-tuned connections? 

No.  None of the above.  Not one.

I found that life began to really fit when I accepted the very one thing I had spent my entire life trying to cover over until I could rid.....weakness.  Yet, I turned the page one day in His Word and He said Power is perfected in weakness.  And I said, God can you be serious?  And He said, Yep!

So now over a lengthy period of time, I've tried it on as well as tried it out.  Guess what.  He's right!

If I want Memorial to really get what I'm trying to convey they grasp it best when I can find a way to share my weakness.  When I travel and meet a new group or a new congregation for the first time, I already know what will help them hear admission of weakness.

Oh, I'm not implying whining or pouting or bemoaning.  No.  None of those.  I'm talking about vocalizing my delight in my sheer non-ability, non-talent, and non-skill.  I'm loaded with it!  God calls it bragging about the right thing...the thing I really weakness. 

Doubt it?  Well...listen to His insightful plea; Learn to brag about your weaknesses, your hardships, and your persecutions that you may be powerful...II Cor. 12:10.  The NIV says to delight in these while the NASB says to boast in them.

When I brag to my colleagues that I am clueless and enjoy being there, sometimes they smile and other time they might laugh....but they know my secret.  Cluelessness is my major ploy of attack. 

I am the chiefest of weakness.  I have not the looks, nor the charm, nor the education, nor the political pull.  God says I am free to brag away because His power is perfected in my weakness. 

I am a powerful man because I know I am not a powerful man....only God would come up with that truth which is very biblically true! 

You are free to be likewise.  You are urged by the Word to be likewise.  And here's my opinion.  When you boast where you are weak instead of trying to fool everyone of your strengths, you will be wonderfully shocked at what God lets you see.  It will bring you to your knees....that finally....after all of these struggling begins to really fit.

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jason reeves said...

Power. Perfected. Weakness. Awesome. God!