Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Have you stopped long enough to notice the high percentage of our populace that has no regard for God? Look them over. What do you see?

Here's what I see. Of that mixture there are just so many who are a decent sort; yet they give no indication of interest toward God. Why is that?

Don't you know why?

Well, let's begin with us. How many of us who know nothing about playing the banjo show up for a time of pickin' and grinnin'? None. How many who know zero about auto mechanics attend classes at night to learn? Very few.

Why, then, do we not get it that there are so many around us who do not participate with us because they simply are stumped. Out of self-preservation from embarrassment, they stay away.

It isn't that they have evil hearts. It is that they have intimidated ones. Because they fear we would call on them to respond from something they know nothing about, they retreat to safety; they do the same thing we do regarding matters where we are clueless.

They don't know such is acceptable. They don't know many of us went through torture to learn the church ropes. Upon my conversion I was asked to have the closing prayer one Sunday night....I was asked before services began. I was a sweating fool...terrified...and tortured. I could hardly breathe. His grace, I now feel confident it was the ideal prayer for the moment. But I could not see it for I didn't understand the nature of weakness.

Re-look upon your community landscape. Disinterest is likely being shown by those who feel completely cluesless as to what to do and how to act in the church arena.

If we knew this much about the self-protectionary trait among our relatives and friends, maybe we could help. Maybe we could let them know we are not professional believers. Maybe we could convey our lack, our insecurity, our fear. Maybe if we could convey we are normal by having doubts of our own then doors of hesitancy would begin to open from the other side.

Maybe we could help. I think they want it. I did.


Leah B. said...

I wanted that, and still do. You are right, no one is a professional beliver, we are all just professional tryers. I am on both sides; trying to open doors for others, but also trying to keep my door open. I feel intimidated very often and cower away. In contrast there are many times that I have been able to provide answers to those seeking, simply by letting God speak through me.

Thank you Terry. You're one of the best tryers!

Steven Hovater said...

Terry, there is so much about being a part of a church that is so foreign to many people, and we don't really understand why it's so hard for them. What a tremendous obstacle! Truthfully, many church folk are just as uncomfortable swimming in secular waters, being good friends with people apart from the faith community. Those two things together can form such a powerful barrier to the gospel, walling off the good news from people in need of grace!

Anonymous said...

Maybe part of the reason that so many have so little regard for God is that there are so many who purport to come in the name of God, but behave in a manner that He does not support.

There are numerous Christians who believe that meddling in the affairs of the world is a calling. And very often they're the same ones who give Christians a free pass, just because they're Christian.

This is sinful behavior on the part of Christians who are instructed in the opposite way:

"What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside. 'Expel the wicked man from among you.' "

Outsiders don't want a piece of this war, and they don't view such wars as respectable. They rightfully view such wars as self-righteousness and meddling.

The Church is a place for those seeking Holiness by grace through faith. And those in the Church sign up for the scrutiny of the Church, where actions should be policed. But it's not the job of the Church to police the rest of the world.

"No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs—he wants to please his commanding officer."